Forensic Accountant and Financial Investigator

Kotzin Valuation’s forensic accounting and financial investigation services provide an insightful and meticulous approach to resolving financial issues.

Contact: Josephine Giordano, CPA, ABV, CFE, CFF, CBA, ASA, CDBV, CIRA

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While any organization or individual can be a victim of financial fraud and abuse, studies show that some industries are more vulnerable to fraud than others, with the banking and financial services industry, health care industry, and government agencies most commonly impacted.

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Josephine Giordano and her colleagues at Kotzin Valuation Partners have the expertise to perform detailed financial investigation and analysis and provide well-founded conclusions to resolve fraud allegations, implement effective internal controls and, in divorce-related engagements, assist in the equitable division of assets.

Our professionals include Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) and CPAs Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) and are experienced in serving as expert witnesses.

Forensic Accounting and Financial Investigation Experience

We offer proven expertise and regularly perform forensic accounting in matters that involve both internal and external fraud, including:

  • serving as court-appointed special master in multiple forensic accounting matters;

  • serving as an expert in elderly and vulnerable adult financial exploitation matters;

  • performing forensic accounting services and fraud investigations in court-appointed receiverships and bankruptcy examiner roles;

  • reviewing accounting records of various entities for purposes of analyzing and identifying preferential payments, Ponzi schemes, fraudulent conveyance allegations and asset diversions;

  • performing complex fraud investigations and forensic accounting services for financial institutions, privately held companies, and government agencies; and

  • tracing cash receipts and disbursements and reconstructing accounting records and financial transactions.

About Josephine Giordano

Josephine Giordano has more than 25 years of experience as a financial professional, with an extensive background that encompasses bankruptcy and restructuring, forensic accounting and fraud investigation,  litigation support, business valuation, and court-appointed receiverships.

She has performed business valuations for a variety of purposes, including bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings, marital dissolution, estate and gift taxes, dissenting and oppressed shareholder litigation, mergers and acquisitions, damages in commercial litigation, employee share ownership plans (ESOPs), and buy-sell agreements.