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hank you for a job well done. You did a tremendous job in the months of work and were invaluable. I feel very comfortable in recommending you to future clients.

- Scottsdale attorney

ou are consistently objective in your opinions, regardless of who has requested your services. As a trial lawyer, I need to be advised of the weaknesses of my case, as well as the strengths, so that my client can make educated decisions based on objective criteria. I can count on you to be that objective voice. Your services are sought out not just because you are at the pinnacle in your field of expertise, but because your honesty and forthrightness give you valued credibility with the lawyers and judges in every case in which you are retained.

- Phoenix attorney


The area of business valuation continues to evolve. In transactions, financial reporting or litigation, the value of a business or a business interest frequently comes into question, and it often requires an independent, third-party opinion of value.

While various business valuation rules of thumb for certain industries and entity types do exist, they rarely are applicable to a specific business with its unique risks and financial attributes. Proper valuation requires not only a thorough analysis of the business in question, but also the industry and economy in which the business operates. Frequent issues include financial trends, company risk profile, cost of capital, capital structure, product mix, customer concentrations, future growth, profitability, sustainable growth, and relevant valuation discounts.

Kotzin Valuation Partners has provided business valuation services and litigation support for clients - and their law firms and accounting firms - ranging from small, privately held businesses to large, publicly traded companies. Our business valuation group has provided valuation services for many purposes, including but not limited to:

While this list is not meant to be exhaustive, it illustrates the scope and diversity of our knowledge related to the valuation of businesses, business interests, and securities.