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In shareholder and partner disputes, Kotzin Valuation Partners can ensure the fair valuation of each stakeholder’s interest

When relationships among stakeholders in a business don’t work out as planned, a change in ownership structure may be best for all parties. In such cases, Kotzin Valuation Partners can ensure that each stakeholder’s interest is fairly valued. Our firm can also assist in structuring the terms of their agreement so that the company remains a viable going concern.

Kotzin Valuation Partners’ qualified and experienced professionals can help you understand, plan for and deal with the complex issues typically encountered in a shareholder dispute. We regularly provide business valuation and litigation support services and, if needed, expert witness testimony to support our conclusions.

Kotzin Valuation Partners is a full-service business valuation firm with offices in Phoenix, Denver and Tucson. Our comprehensive valuation and financial consulting services are provided through integrated groups specializing in business and intangible asset valuation, litigation support, real estate appraisal and M&A advisory services.