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If a Small Business Administration (SBA) guaranteed business acquisition loan is for more than $350,000, or if there is a close relationship between buyer and seller, the lender must obtain an independent business valuation from a qualified source. Standard Operating Procedure 50-10(5) defines a “qualified source” as a person who regularly receives compensation for business valuations and who is accredited by a recognized organization.

As the largest, most credentialed business valuation firm in Arizona and Nevada, Kotzin Valuation Partners is a qualified source – and more – for SBA business valuations. Our professionals’ relevant experience and relevant credentials, as described in SOP 50-10(5), include ASA (Accredited Senior Appraiser), CBA (Certified Business Appraiser) and ABV (Accredited in Business Valuation).

Kotzin Valuation Partners’ unbiased and independent opinions consistently withstand the scrutiny of the IRS and other outside experts, and our staff is comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive business valuation experience across a wide range of industries.